Monthly Report: September '23


This month's report includes some awesome updates from existing grantees, as well as data into our operational expenses. 

Grantee Updates


Four projects have been completed over the past month.


The Alles Labs team has recently finalized local chain support (docs), concluding the final milestone of their grant. The indexer implementations can be found in this repository for current and previous versions of the Osmosis chains since their launch. If you'd like to spin up a custom chain version, reach out to the Alles Labs team directly so they can run you through it. Many developers already use the product and have stated publicly how much they use and love it, such as builders from Membrane, IBCX and Apollo, showing how Celatone has significantly improved the developer experience on Osmosis.

Cosmos Integration with Metamask

Mystic Labs has officially launched the Cosmos Snap for Metamask, which adds full support of Metamask to all Cosmos SDK blockchains, potentially opening the door to over 30 million Ethereum users. They've created a dedicated website with a clean interface to make it as easy as possible to add the Cosmos Snap to Metamask and manage your Cosmos accounts. 

Incentives Optimization - Research + Infrastructure

The Incentives Optimization model that was put together by Hathor Node and Chaos Labs has been in production and informing incentives for a while now. That said, Hathor had to make a number of changes over the past couple of months to make the model work with the latest incentives migration changes. 


The Notifi team has completed their integration into the Osmosis frontend to deliver a seamless connectivity experience. The integration allows Osmosis users to sign up for in-app or external alerts and notifications for product announcements, account activity, portfolio changes, and much more.

In Progress

Below we share some updates from active grants projects.

Bulk Audit Purchase Renewal

The Oak Security team has recently completed their audit of Genie, DAO DAO's Tokenfactory and NFT DAOs, and the Osmosis Transmuter contract. They're now scheduled to audit Hyperlane's bridge implementation later this month, which will serve to connect Osmosis to rollups on Celestia.  

Genie Integration

Coinhall has completed the audit of their rewards contracts and deployed them on Osmosis mainnet. Their frontend now allows anyone to create Osmosis campaigns and claim rewards as easily as just a few clicks. The team is now working on creating APIs that will allow campaign managers to integrate the claim rewards experience directly into their own frontends.

Hummingbot Connector

The Pecunia Finance team is close to completing the first milestone of their grant which includes the development of the core connector, endpoints, and testing. This is after they had some trouble integrating with Osmosis concentrated liquidity due to gas fee issues. That said, after some trial and error, they're very close to testing strategies and preparing the PR.

Interactive dApp Passthrough

Noah has merged the Interactive dApp Passthrough feature into the Cosmos Kit. All dApps on the Osmosis App Store that upgrade to the latest Cosmos Kit packages will support the feature right away. Check out a working example or reach out to Noah directly if you have any questions. 

Managed Supercharged Liquidity Vaults

DeFine Logic Labs has created eight different vaults so far. There are two stable vaults:  nobleUSDC/kavaUSDT with ~$1M TVL and axlUSDC/kavaUSDT withs ~$1.8M TVL. Then there are A+ and M+ vaults for ATOM/OSMO, OSMO/axlUSDC, and OSMO/kavaUSDT, bringing total TVL to over $3.5M. While these vaults can be accessed from Quasar's frontend for the time being, they'll be added to the Osmosis frontend soon. 

Margined Protocol

The Margined team has completed their audit with Oak Security and worked through the issues that were found in their audit. They're currently working on some final testing as well as drafting a proposal to deploy their contracts on Osmosis mainnet, which will be posted in the forums soon. They're also joining us for Updates on the OGP to discuss their launch, make sure to tune in!


Newmetric has added support for Osmosis Mainnet and Testnet, as well as Mars Mainnet. They're currently in the process of reworking some parts in their stack to allow these chains to  system can now handle ~1M requests per second. This patch should be available to the Osmosis stack by the end of next week. The team is also working hard on testing to make sure everything absolutely works without bugs.

PR for Osmosis

In September, Serotonin worked with the Osmosis and Quasar teams to announce the introduction of Quasar’s Concentrated Liquidity vaults on Osmosis, securing coverage from The Block, Coindesk, and Journal Du Coin. Additionally, Serotonin supported Osmosis in preparation for Cosmoverse, as well as for a number of exciting developments and announcements in the coming months. 

Zodiac Protocol

The Zodiac team submitted a PR that adds the module accounts query for the Osmosis codebase, which was in response to a discussion during their resumed audit with Oak Security. They've also added the ability for users to specify manual adjustments for the Osmosis-side taker fee when swapping principal tokens for yield tokens – a workaround until smart contracts can programmatically fetch the taker fee (projected to be in Osmosis v20) – as well as configurable deposit limits to act as an initial guardrail. They've asked Oak if they can take a look at these additional features as part of their ongoing audit, and plan to complete the frontend-side work this month.


We've approved a team to work on our recently announced RFP on Cosmos SDK governance improvements which will be announced soon. We've also funded DeFine Logic Labs to build managed Supercharged Liquidity vaults on Osmosis (in collaboration with Quasar), so our RFP for Quasar Vaults for Osmosis is no longer active. 

That said, we still have a couple of outstanding RFPs: Interactive CosmWasm Tutorials and Osmosis Merch Stores. We're also working on some more RFPs in addition to the living list on our website, which will be announced soon. 

If you're interested in working on any of the outstanding RFPs, apply for a grant!

Communication and Transparency

In September, we had Newmetric and DeFine Logic Labs join us on Updates from the OGP to chat about Osmosis node infrastructure and managed Supercharged Liquidity vaults. Listen to the recording to learn more about both projects and how they add value to Osmosis.  

On top of our monthly Twitter spaces with grantees, we continue to communicate and be transparent with the community through various channels, such as regular Discord Office hours and monthly transparency reports. 

If you have any questions about the grants program, please don't hesitate to reach out on Twitter or Discord!

Current State of the OGP 

We share a breakdown of our current assets, liabilities, and expenses below.

  • Total OSMO: 1,456,045
  • Total USDC: 2,765,652
  • Total funding approved: $4,519,290
  • Total funding paid out: $2,783,242 or 62% of total funding approved
  • Funding due on grant completion: $1,736,048 or 38% of total funding approved
Operational Expenses

The table below details our September operating expenses:

No items found.