Bulk Audit Purchase Renewal
in progress

To renew our bulk audit package with Oak Security for an additional 12 weeks starting on June 1st, 2023, which will expire if not used after 24 months. Thanks to this purchase, projects will receive a 20% discount on the typical audit fee. Milestone 1 = two months after contract signature; Milestone 2 = four months after contract signature.


So far, Oak has audited a number of projects that have deployed on Osmosis or will deploy on Osmosis soon. These include CronCat, Membrane, IBCX, Streamswap, and Phase. Our previous bulk audit purchase agreement not only made sure that all these projects got audited before deploying on mainnet, but also streamlined their whole audit process which reduced their time to market on Osmosis. This new bulk audit purchase will do the same for upcoming projects that would like to deploy on Osmosis. Oak Security is a leading CosmWasm smart contract auditor and has worked on relevant projects, such as Axelar, Lido, and Mars Protocol in the past.

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Funding Amount

$326,400 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

33% upfront / 33% for Milestone 1 / 33% for Milestone 2


24 months


Oak Security