Managed Supercharged Liquidity Vaults
in progress

In partnership with the OGP and Quasar Finance, DLL will launch a series of vaults on Osmosis in two phases. Milestone 1: The first phase will include two managed vault options for the top five pools on Osmosis by volume (excluding stable/like pairs). The vault options will be two forms of range management, moderate plus (9.5% - 30% range of spot price) and aggressive plus (1.5% - 15% range of spot price). The five starting pools will be proposed based on Osmosis' historical swap volumes from the last two quarters. Milestone 2: The second phase will include the creation of vaults for the top five “like pairs” (LST and Stablecoin pairs). These vaults will use a tight tick optimization strategy to maximize yield for like pairs. Examples of potential pairs here could include stATOM/ATOM, qATOM/ATOM, stOSMO/OSMO, IST/USDC, USDT/USDC. 


These vaults will allow users who are new to concentrated liquidity or just want to passively LP have their positioned actively managed to optimize yield while enjoying the price appreciation of the underlying assets. DeFine Logic Labs are DeFi yield strategists with years of experience in both traditional finance and Web3 space. They work with a number of Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Investment DAOs, and protocols like Sommelier where they built the Real Yield ETH vault, which has generated more than $500M trading volume to date.

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Funding Amount

25,000 USDC

Payment Structuree

50% for milestone 1 / 50% for milestone 2


3 months


DeFine Logic Labs