Cosmos Integration with Metamask
in progress

To add Metamask support for the Cosmos ecosystem in their initial, permissioned launch of Metamask Snaps – an open source system that will allow anyone to extend the functionality of MetaMask. This integration will allow Metamask users to sign Cosmos transactions with their existing accounts. Integrating the Cosmos ecosystem with Metamask will be a huge unlock, as it will give Metamask's ~20M users access to the Cosmos ecosystem in one go.


This grant will be funded in collaboration with the ATOM Accelerator DAO, who will also provide funding to Mystic Labs for this project. Mystic Labs are the lead contributors to DeFund Finance, a Cosmos L1 for asset managers and ETF providers. The team is also a contributor to Agoric and has designed ICS-31, the standard for Interchain Queries.

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Funding Amount

50,000 USDC

Payment Structuree

100% at completion


3 months


Mystic Labs