Hummingbot Connector
in progress

To build a connector which will allow Hummingbot to support trading and LPing on the Osmosis DEX, including support for Concentrated Liquidity. Hummingbot is an open source framework that helps you build automated trading strategies, or bots that run on decentralized exchanges. Milestone 1 = at completion of the development of the core connector, endpoints, and testing; Milestone 2 = once the integration is fully delivered and the pull request is merged by the Hummingbot team; Milestone 3 = after having maintained the connector for one year since the delivery of Milestone 2.


Integrating Hummingbot with Osmosis will enable algo-traders to deploy high-frequency trading strategies between Osmosis and markets supported by Hummingbot (both DEXs and CEXs). This will in turn bring more users, trading volume, and price stability to Osmosis. Pecunia Finance is a DAO that offers blockchain software solutions supporting the future of DeFi, and is a regular contributor to the Hummingbot DAO.

Funding Amount

$40,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

25% for Milestone 1 / 62% for Milestone 2 / 13% for Milestone 3


4 months


Pecunia Finance DAO