Incentives Optimization - Infrastructure
in progress

To build data pipelines and simulation dashboards using the data collected from Hathor Nodes to predict results for new incentives recommendations based on varying market volatility, volume and liquidity. Chaos will collaborate with Hathor to post a governance proposal which will detail the set of parameters for the new incentives model and, if successful, Chaos will assist with the implementation of the new incentives system. Milestone 1 = submission of a governance proposal for new incentives system based on data engineering and web application development efforts; Milestone 2 = successful governance proposal and implementation of new incentives system; Milestone 3 = delivery of public facing dashboards.


The new incentives model will optimize LP incentive allocations across pools and significantly reduce costs for Osmosis by ensuring that the protocol is not overpaying for liquidity. The end result is an improved trading experience for users by reducing slippage for under-incentivized pairs. The model will also reduce the governance overhead associated with regular incentive adjustment proposals, as it will be semi-dynamic and automated.

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Funding Amount

150,000 USDC

Payment Structuree

17% upfront / 33% at completion of Milestone 1 / 33% at completion of Milestone 2 / 17% at completion of Milestone 3


4-7 months.


Chaos Labs