Interactive dApp Passthrough
in progress

This project aims to implement iframe passthrough functionality into Cosmos Kit such that all dApps in the Osmosis App store can automatically support this embedding after an upgrade.


With this project's implementation, Osmosis will enable users to engage with various dApps through iframes without the need to leave the site or having to reconnect their wallets each time. Thus, when a user logs into Osmosis, they will instantaneously gain access to every dApp they want to use without having to figure out many different potentially-buggy connection interfaces, streamlining the overall experience. This enhancement will also permit dApps to elevate their user experience by wrapping other applications as needed, thereby offering a layer of integration previously unseen. Noah is a core contributor and lead engineer of DAO DAO, and helped build the core logic of Cosmos Kit, initially as a fork of cosmodal. Since then he have built a wallet adapter for Cosmos Kit and submitted bug fix PRs.

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Funding Amount

20,000 USDC

Payment Structuree

25% upfront / 75% at completion


6 weeks


Noah Saso