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To fund the development of an explorer frontend and necessary data backend/indexer for all current Osmosis networks (osmosis-1, osmo-test-4, local) with CosmWasm-specific features, such as deploying, interacting, exploring, and organizing contracts from the UI. Milestone 1 = completion of osmosis-1 and initial local chain support. This will also include a public project section that lists all the codes + contracts related to each project / protocol deployed on the network (mainnet only). Milestone 2 = at completion of full local chain support, which will allow developers to spin up the explorer for any chain version, and a built-in faucet for both local and testnet chains. Milestone 3 = after having added pages for accounts and transaction details. Milestone 4 = after having added pages for Osmosis pools, as well as the ability to create on-chain proposals to store code / instantiate contracts from the UI. Milestone 5 = after having maintained this project for one year from the completion of the milestones. User feedback should also be incorporated as necessary.


Currently, to interact with contracts, devs need to use CLI or code custom scripts, both of which are complex and unintuitive. Current tools also make exploring / finding contracts previously deployed on a network and knowing how to interact with them difficult and time-consuming. Celatone aims to simplify these processes and increase developer efficiency and speed by offering a simple UI to perform these actions. What's more, Celatone will solve the issue related to a lack of explorers available on specific networks, especially testnets and local chains. By open-sourcing both their frontend and indexer implementations and supporting local chain deployments, Celatone will allow developers to quickly spin up a version of their explorer for any network themselves without relying on other parties / teams to add support. This will also provide developers and users on Osmosis with a unified explorer experience across all networks, mitigating the need for them to use different tools for different networks. In summary, Celatone’s work will result in many engineering hours saved for both internal Osmosis developers and external app developers, as well as easier onboarding of new contributors. Additionally, it makes tutorials a lot easier to follow and facilitates collaboration between teams building on Osmosis. Alles Labs is a talented team with significant experience in the Cosmos ecosystem. Members of the team have previously worked on a number of blockchain projects, such as Band Protocol and Nebula Protocol.

Funding Amount

$120,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

13% upfront / 17% for Milestone 1 / 17% for Milestone 2 / 13% for Milestone 3 / 20% for Milestone 4 / 13% for Milestone 5


6 months


Alles Labs