Genie Integration
in progress

For Genie to add support for Osmosis. Genie allows anyone to create Web3 incentive campaigns with precision wallet behaviour targeting. Milestone 1 = at completion of the data pipelines, backend, and asset repositories that will power the rewards smart contract on Osmosis, and the frontend UI for both creating a campaign and claiming rewards; Milestone 2 = after having created the APIs that will allow campaign managers to integrate the claim rewards experience into their own frontends; Milestone 3 = at completion of the project (once the smart contract is audited and launched on Osmosis mainnet).


Through superior incentive and distribution mechanisms, Genie's integration with Osmosis will abstract away massive amounts of granular data chore work, so apps and protocols can focus on running campaigns to engage their communities rather than spending time on the technical implementations. Joseph is the co-founder and CEO of Coinhall, and focuses on developing the business and product.

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Funding Amount

$50,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

10% upfront / 20% for Milestone 1 / 20% for Milestone 2 / 50% for Milestone 3


4 months


Joseph Lim