Monthly Report: April '23


This month's report includes some awesome updates from existing grantees, many of whom are close to completing their projects.

In addition, we've been putting together some final touches on a few high impact initiatives. While we can't reveal all the details yet, we think they'll do a lot to grow both Osmosis and the wider Cosmos ecosystem. More details to come soon – stay tuned.

Grantee Updates

In Progress

Read on for the latest updates on active grants projects.

Bulk Audit Purchase

Oak Security has completed and published audit reports for IBCX, Streamswap, and Phase over the past month. The team is currently busy auditing CALC Finance and Zodiac Protocol before their mainnet release. 

Cosmos Bridge Aggregator

Maxime has been working on adding multihop IBC routing support to the Cosmos bridge aggregator. This crucial functionality will allow you to send tokens over IBC in one action. For example, you will be able to use the bridge aggregator to send ATOM from Juno to Osmosis in one click. Maxime is also working on designing the frontend components for the bridge aggregator website. 


The Alles Labs team has completed Milestone 3 of their grant after having pushed account and transaction details pages to production. They're also close to wrapping up the UI flow that will allow users to easily create store code proposals on-chain, as well as adding individual pages for each pool listed on Osmosis.  

Fee Abstraction

Notional has completed the Fee Abstraction module. If deployed, this module will allow chains to pay fees in any IBC token of their choice, and swap these accumulated fees on Osmosis back into their native token. The module will be ready to be deployed on other chains soon, pending final review from the OGP. 

Frontend for Osmosis Outposts

After having delivered the initial Figma designs of the UI for the Osmosis Outposts, the Nabla team has also completed the backend work to make their open-source UI component library work with the Osmosis Outposts. The team is now working on some final testing to smooth out the edges. 

Incentives Optimization - Research

Hathor Nodes has updated the incentives optimization methodology to include Mars' risk constraints. Once these updates are finalized, Hathor will work on a Commonwealth post for community feedback before posting the incentives optimization proposal on-chain. 

Incentives Optimization - Infrastructure

The Chaos Labs team will update the incentives optimization dashboards to reflect Hathor's new methodology. This will involve changing the backend of the dashboards to use a new API for proposed incentives. 


The frontend deliverable for the Osmosis dashboard has been completed. The Numia team plans to share a sneak peak of what the frontend will look like with the community for feedback before moving forward with the build of the backend APIs that will power the dashboard. 


Phase has completed an initial version of their frontend which will go live sometime this week. The team is getting real close to deploying their smart contracts on mainnet, pending final testing on the Osmosis testnet.

PR for Osmosis

Over the past month, Serotonin worked behind the scenes with Osmosis and a number of ecosystem partners to prepare for several exciting initiatives which will be announced soon. They've also secured a panel appearance for Sunny at Consensus as well as several podcast interview opportunities for Aaron, including Crypto News Podcast, Show Me The Crypto, and BlockTalk.


The Starship team has completed the Typescript testing framework that will make it easier to spin up multiple chains in various environments for testing purposes. They've also integrated Starship with Github actions to allow people to run Starship as a Github action, which will be key to scale their testing framework. The team is now working on documentation to present this in a more readable format as well as integrating Starship with OsmoJS. 

Zodiac Protocol

The Zodiac team has been working on cleaning up their codebase and improving their documentation in preparation of their audit with Oak Security. The audit is scheduled to start this week and last around two weeks. 


Though many projects are very close to completion as highlighted above, there haven't been completed projects over the past month. 


No projects have been discontinued in April.

Communication and Transparency

We continue to share regular, detailed updates about the OGP with the Osmosis community. Over the past month, we have held our monthly Office Hours in Discord and hosted a Twitter Space ("Updates from the OGP") with Skip Protocol to chat about Protorev and the future of their engagement with Osmosis. 

Tune in this Wednesday for the next session of Updates from the OGP. We'll have Celatone and Numia come on to chat about their exciting projects.


We are still accepting applications for the following high priority RFPs:

  1. Merch Stores

We're looking for applicants to build merch stores for Osmosis and a merch store aggregator to curate the best Osmosis merch out there. The end goal is to have an open platform where anyone can contribute their own Osmosis merch to improve the diversity of the merch itself and make it easier for Osmosis users to find it. 

  1. Interactive CosmWasm Tutorials

We're actively looking for contributors to create interactive CosmWasm tutorials to make it easier for developers to learn how to use CosmWasm. Bonus points if they include step-by-step guides on how to use Beaker and Osmosis Rust

Take a look at the full list of open RFPs on our website for inspiration before applying for a grant, or reach out to us directly if you have any feedback or suggestions.  

Current State of the OGP 

We share a breakdown of our current assets, liabilities, and expenses in April below.

  • Total OSMO: 3,218,481
  • Total USDC: 3,334,496
  • Total funding approved: $3,002,390
  • Total funding paid out: $1,827,475, or 61% of total funding approved
  • Funding due on grant completion: $1,174,915, or 39% of total funding approved
Operational Expenses

The table below details our operating expenses over the past month:

No items found.