in progress

To help Numia bootstrap their Osmosis public facing dashboard, which will include pre-selected and actionable Data Analytics widgets with information that is not easily accessible elsewhere. The team will also maintain the API that powers the whole application for users who wish to use them. Milestone 1 = backend APIs & dashboard frontend application; Milestone 2 = curated set of frontend widgets & analytics; Milestone 3 = after having maintained the dashboard for six months since completion.


Numia's public facing Osmosis dashboard will cover the needs of non-technical users who can’t write SQL and need curated prescriptive dashboards to improve transparency around Osmosis’ ownership breakdown, economic activity, and health condition, which will allow users to make better decisions about investments and improve the capital efficiency of the network. The team will then submit community polls every quarter so that the community can help them to decide which new widgets should be added next. Numia is one of the leading on-chain data providers in the Cosmos ecosystem. The team has significant experience with the Cosmos stack since they've been involved in the ecosystem since early days.

Funding Amount

$30,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

17% upfront / 25% at completion of Milestone 1 / 42% at completion of Milestone 2 / 17% at completion of Milestone 3


3 months