Fee Abstraction
in progress

To build two different version of the Fee Abstraction Module. The first version will allow customer chains to pay fees in any IBC token on Osmosis using oracle TWAP data (Milestone 1). The second version will leverage packet forward middleware to allow chains to take the accumulated fees and swap them for their native token using Osmosis (Milestone 2). Notional will also assist the Osmosis team with the chain-specific technical implementations. We will award Notional with retroactive grants for each chain-specific implementation, depending on the work involved and importance of the customer chain.


The chains that deploy v1 of the Fee Abstraction Module will enable their users to pay transaction fees in any IBC token available on Osmosis, using Osmosis’ TWAPs oracles to determine the conversion rate. Customer chains who choose to deploy v2 of the module will use the Osmosis DEX in the background to swap out the accumulated fees into the chain's native token, which should contribute to volume on Osmosis significantly. Notional is a repeat grantee and long-time contributor to Osmosis and the Cosmos ecosystem at large. The Notional team is one of the top Cosmos SDK experts, and is well-postioned to deliver on this grant.

Funding Amount

$90,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

28% upfront / 33% at completion Milestone 1 / 39% at Milestone 2


3 months