Cosmos Bridge Aggregator
in progress

To create a Cosmos bridge aggregator website that will allow users to easily bridge tokens to/from other ecosystems into the Cosmos ecosystem, and IBC tokens between zones from the same interface. Milestone 1 = launch the first version of the rebranded Terra bridge aggregator, letting users bridge to/from any of the chains currently supported by the website, and change the hardcoded code to handle the IBC channels to a more generic solution to add support for more assets like native chain assets, USDC, DAI, WBTC, WETH; Milestone 2 = at completion of support for new bridges (Gravity Bridge, Wormhole), new Cosmos chains (Stride, Injective, Evmos, Kava, Agoric, Regen, Akash, Axelar, Stargaze, Mars, Umee), and additional EVM chains supported by Axelar (Polygon, Arbitrum, Fantom, Aurora, BNB chain); Milestone 3 = after having maintained the new website for six months since the completion of the milestones.


A comprehensive, open-source Cosmos bridge aggregator frontend will significantly improve the interchain bridging user experience, and bring more funds into the Cosmos ecosystem from EVM-compatible chains. Having built a bunch of tools on the Cosmos tech stack already, such as Cloudmos, Maxime is an active participant in the Cosmos ecosystem with expertise in building frontends and backends that interact with any on-chain interaction.

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Funding Amount

$30,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

17% upfront / 25% at completion of Milestone 1 / 42% at completion of Milestone 2 / 17% at completion of Milestone 3


3 months


Maxime Beauchamp