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To build out Starship as a publicly available testing framework and infrastructure which will create and run end-to-end tests for OsmoJS and Mesh Security. Milestone 1 = completion of testing framework in Typescript with ability to spin up multiple chains from simple config files in various environments (in Starship Repo); Milestone 2 = completion of Mesh Security integration; Milestone 3 = completion of OsmoJS integration; Milestone 4 = after having maintained this project for six months since the completion of the milestones.


Starship aims to create an easy way to set-up an interchain environment by leveraging the power of Kubernetes, a production-grade container orchestration system, to set up a fully simulated Cosmos ecosystem with multiple chains (each with multiple nodes), relayers, explorers and even its own chain registry. Along with the easy to setup infra, Starship also aims to create a testing framework to get rid of bash scripts and make scenario testing easy and repeatable. The main plan is to add regression tests for various scenarios that can be run in the CI/CD to catch bugs sooner in the development lifecycle. This will result in significant cost savings, as it will reduce the likelihood of vulnerabilities and security breaches in the Cosmos ecosystem, and improve developer productivity by making it easier and less time consuming for developers to test and secure their applications and systems, especially with infra setup, regression testing, and mulit-node/chain testing. Anmol was most recently the Tech lead at Persistence, leading development for the Persistence Chain. He has significant experience in Golang and Kubernetes, with a focus on software development standardisation and improving developer efficiency.

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Funding Amount

$50,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

20% upfront / 30% at completion of Milestone 1 / 20% at completion of Milestone 2 / 20% at completion of Milestone 3 / 10% at completion of Milestone 4


4 months