Bulk Audit Purchase
in progress

To block audit slots in Oak Security's backlog in advance so Osmosis ecosystem projects do not have to wait for 12 weeks for a start date. These projects will also receive a 15% discount on the typical audit fee. As part of this bulk audit purchase, Oak Security has offered a package of 12 weeks, with a minimum consumption of 1.5 weeks/month (1.5-weeks is the average duration per audit), starting January 1st 2023, until these weeks are consumed. Oak Security will also record a video that outlines at which stage an audit makes sense, what to expect from an audit, and how to best prepare for it.


It's important for Osmosis ecosystem projects to be audited before deploying on mainnet. This grant will allow a number of ecosystem projects to get audited in a timely manner to speed up the deployment process on Osmosis. Oak Security is a leading CosmWasm smart contract auditor and has worked on relevant projects, such as Axelar, Lido, and Mars Protocol in the past.

Funding Amount

$346,800 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

33% upfront / 33% at completion of Milestone 1 / 33% at completion of Milestone 2




Oak Security