Monthly Report: January '22


Funding Breakdown to Date

In January, the Osmosis Grants Program approved four grants for a total of $119,000 in funding. This brings the total funding approved to a bit more than $2.5M across 52 different projects, after having received 380+ applications.

Most grantees in the latest batch were Individuals, so their total share of funding has slightly increased since our previous funding update.

While Batch 10's total funding amount was lower than recent batches, we're excited to support two long-time builders of public goods in the Cosmos ecosystem: one of the leading analytics providers, Map of Zones, and one of the leading developer tooling providers in Ping Pub

Other grants in this batch included Cosmy Wasmy, another public good which makes it significantly easier for developers to build their own smart contracts, and an SDK for Trading Strategies, which will include strategies for concentrated liquidity once that goes live. 

We hope that these grants will bring direct benefits to Osmosis as well as the wider Cosmos community.

Infrastructure remains the most funded category by the grants program. Our most recent batch of grants added to this category's share of funding as Ping Pub's Dashboard Improvements and the SDK for Trading Strategies both fall under the infrastructure category.


In addition to the RFPs on our website, we have a few high priority open RFPs we're looking for applicants to contribute to:

Feel free to reach out to us directly on Twitter or Discord if you have any questions about these RFPs, or if you'd like additional information on them. We're also open to any community suggestions for new RFPs we should put out.

Grantee Updates


The following projects have been completed in the month of January:


The CronCat team has successfully completed all milestones related to their grant! They currently have full testnet coverage of Osmosis. Bug testers can DM the team on Twitter to participate in beta testing. CronCat will start a full audit of their contracts in less than a week, and have also built a brand new website which they will be releasing to the public soon. Check out their GitHub repository for the latest updates. 


After having rolled out the development side of the integration with Osmosis, the Laika team has released a number of educational videos and tutorials that walk you through how to use their tool for smart contract development on Osmosis. They've created an Osmosis smart contract development course, and a YouTube dApp development series for Osmosis.

Leap Wallet

The Leap Wallet integration with the Osmosis DEX is live! You can now swap on Osmosis through a widget embedded directly into the Leap Wallet app. With this final feature, the Leap team has officially completed their grant. 

Tax Software - Osmosis Implementation

Defiant Labs has completed the Osmosis implementation of their tax software just in time for this tax season! The software currently supports formatting for Accointing, Koinly, TaxBit, and CoinTracker. Check out their demo which walks you through the whole process.

In Progress

Below we share some exciting updates from active grants projects:

Augmentation of Data + Historical Charts

The Map of Zones team is very close to the finish line. They just need to polish up the new charts before releasing them to the public in the next week or so. Take a look at their grant description to learn more about what kind of charts to expect and how they will benefit the whole Cosmos ecosystem.  

Bulk Audit Purchase

Oak Security has started auditing Osmosis ecosystem projects that plan to deploy on Osmosis soon. They are currently auditing Phase; StreamSwap and CronCat are next in line. We'll share more info as these projects complete their audits and new ones are scheduled in.  

Custom MEV Module

The ProtoRev Module is ready to be deployed on Osmosis. If all goes well, it will be included in Osmosis' v15 upgrade. In the meantime, a proposal  has been submitted on-chain to determine how Osmosis should initially handle the revenue generated by the module. We encourage you to participate in the vote. 

Incentives Optimization - Research

Hathor Nodes has released a comprehensive document on the methodology he used to determine how Osmosis should issue incentives going forward. It's worth noting that the community can decide which recommendations to take, and whether any other parameters should be added to the methodology. Hathor's proposal on Commonwealth is a great place to discuss this. 

Incentives Optimization - Infrastructure

Chaos Labs has launched the incentives optimization dashboards which allow the Osmosis community to make data-driven decisions on incentive allocation. The Incentives Optimization dashboard displays recommendations for incentive distribution amongst pools, and the Liquidity Providers dashboard is tailored for LPs interested in a deeper understanding of how incentive changes will impact their projected APRs.

Margined Protocol

After v1 of Margined Protocol was live on testnet until early December, the Margined team is now working on a v2 of the protocol which will potentially use Osmosis' new concentrated liquidity pools to improve price discovery. 


As we mentioned in our last update, Phase has completed their smart contracts. They are currently undergoing an audit with Oak Security. We'll make sure to keep you updated on the results of the audit and share the report as soon as it's available. 

Validator Management Dashboard

PFC-Validator is making great progress as he's added a lot more functionality to the dashboard. Anyone can now create a validator and submit governance proposals on-chain using the validator management tool, though not all proposal types are available yet. Validators are also presented an option to relay their commissions to OSMO (this feature is only available for Osmosis validators).

Zodiac Protocol

The Zodiac team has completed the set-up of their offshore and onshore entities. Outstanding work includes completing the service agreement documentation, and ingestion of investments (with corresponding documentation). The team is also having internal discussions on the governance contract set-up, and is on track to find a solution and implement the contract by the end of this month. 

We don't have any significant updates on grantees in the latest batch of grants, as it was only approved last week. We'll share more updates on these projects in our next monthly update.


No projects have been discontinued in January.

Communication & Transparency Updates

Over the past month, we have:

  • Had our monthly Grantee Updates on UTFL. This time, we were joined by Scanworks and Zodiac Protocol to chat about their projects. 
  • Held monthly Office Hours on Discord. We encourage anyone who has suggestions, questions, and/or concerns about the OGP to attend. 
  • Hosted a Twitter Space with Hathor Nodes and Chaos Labs to answer community questions about their work on optimizing incentives.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on our communication & transparency efforts, please reach out via Twitter DM or in the #grants channel on Discord. 

Current State of the OGP 

  • Total OSMO: 5,574,670
  • Total USDC: 2,141,634
  • Total funding approved: $2,532,390
  • Total funding paid out: $924,590, or 37% of total funding approved
  • Funding due on grant completion: $1,607,800, or 63% of total funding approved
Operational Expenses

Here are the grants program's operating expenses paid in January:

*Note: a large portion of these expenses were outstanding since before the OGP's renewal. These expenses do not represent the operational cost of the program in January, but rather the expenses that were paid out since our previous update on operational expenses.

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