Ping Pub Dashboard Improvements
in progress

A retroactive grant for the development of to date, and a further grant to rebuild the open source dashboards and explorer using Telescope and CosmosKit. The dashboards will include convert and swap functionality leveraging the Osmosis AMM. All dashboard components will be open sourced, allowing them to be embedded on existing websites. Telescope and CosmosKit will also benefit greatly because they will be extended to support VueJS. Milestone 1 = Integrate and improve Telescope and Cosmos Kit; Milestone 2 = dashboard with Osmosis swap widget; Milestone 3 = Deploy the Osmosis swap widget on at least five apps.


Extending's open source tools to the VueJS community will increase the reach of Osmosis-funded tooling, which will help grow the Cosmos and increase adoption. What's more, the new Osmosis swap and convert widget will increase exposure for Osmosis and make it more accessible to users, and in turn, increase liquidity and volume on the DEX. is an open-sourced explorer/wallet interface which is used by a ton of smaller chains since Keplr doesn’t support every single chain. Liang Ping has been a consistent builder in the Cosmos ecosystem for over three years.

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Funding Amount

$50,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

20% upfront / 20% for Milestone 1 / 40% for Milestone 2 / 20% for Milestone 3


6 months


Liang Ping