SDK for Trading Strategies
in progress

To build a Python SDK for traders to implement and execute quantitative trading strategies. Milestone 1 = completion of trading bot with CEX to DEX, DEX to DEX, and beta hedging strategies; Milestone 2 = completion of strategies for concentrated liquidity once that's live.


The trading SDK will help to generate more volume and contribute to more accurate pricing on Osmosis as it’ll make it easy for anyone to implement any sort of strategies with minimal effort. Once concentrated liquidity goes live, the SDK will enable various teams to implement their own flavour of Market Making which will result in much better quotes for users. Dfuse is a quant firm founded by a team with extensive experience in the traditional financial industry. In addition to their work in TradiFi, the team has crypto-native experience, which includes market-making on various regional CEXs, MEV in cosmos, funding rate arbitrage on various CEXs/DEXs.

Funding Amount

$20,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

20% upfront / 20% for Milestone 1 / 60% for Milestone 2


3 months