Monthly Report: November '22


Communication & Transparency Updates

As previously announced, we are working on a number of communication and transparency initiatives in response to the valuable feedback we've received from the community on this front:

  • This report will be the first of a series of Monthly Transparency Reports which will serve to update the community on all things OGP. 
  • We've scheduled our Discord Office Hours, which will occur every four weeks in the #lounge voice channel on Discord starting this week from 1-2pm ET on the 8th of December. 
  • We decided to hold the Recurring Updates from Grantees every four weeks on UTFL to walk the community through the OGP’s work and noteworthy grantees, starting on the 14th of December from 2-2:30pm ET.
  • The new Grantee Discord Channel has been set up with a novel forum layout. Each grants funded project will have its own sub-forum, which we'll set up shortly.
  • The Live Grants Dashboard is currently being built. We'll share more updates soon.

Operational Updates

The OGP is currently working through operational and legal changes to the multi-sig setup as part of the program's renewal.

Three new signers will join the OGP's multi-sigs: monetsupply, Aidan Salzmann, and RoboMcGobo. In summary, the OGP v2’s Reviewer Committee will include:

  • Cosmostation
  • Figment
  • Aidan Salzmann (Stride)
  • Brandon Curtis (Independent)
  • Coldchain (Independent)
  • Monetsupply (Independent)
  • RoboMcGobo (Independent)

We're transitioning existing funds to these new multi-sigs, and will also leverage tools like Apollo Safe (an OGP Grantee) that make storing and using funds easier.

Once the transition is complete, we'll resume regular funding batch approvals and payments. Until then, we will keep reviewing applications, meeting with applicants, posting RFPs, and pushing forward other strategic initiatives.

Funding Breakdown to Date

There haven't been any new batches of grants approved over the past month, so we'll hold off this section in this report as there haven't been any changes to what was reported in our previous transparency report.


 We have recently announced two RFPs that we'd like to prioritize for funding:

  1. Fee Abstraction

Fee Abstraction would allow users on any Cosmos app-chain to pay gas fees in the supported IBC asset of their choice, by using the Osmosis AMM to facilitate the swap in the background. Read our Twitter thread for more info. 

  1. Merch Stores 

We're looking for applicants who are building Osmosis Merch Stores and a Merch Store Aggregator. We released a Twitter thread with more details on what we're looking for here. 

If you're interested in participating in any of these RFPs, or have any recommendations on who could be a good fit, please don't hesitate to apply for a grant, or reach out on Twitter or Discord

Make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter account, as we'll be posting new RFPs on a weekly basis going forward! You can also check out our existing list of RFPs on our website for inspiration before applying.

Grantee Updates

In Progress

Custom MEV Module

The Skip team has recently been unblocked on Posthandlers, which the Osmosis team has prioritized and shipped. The ProtoRev module is currently in development, and is on track to be deployed by the end of this year.

Incentives Optimization - Research

After having completed the research on incentives optimization, Hathor Nodes has created and implemented the tentative framework for the incentives model. The model has been tested on larger LPs, and will be tested on all LPs in the next week or two. Next steps include implementing the external incentives framework and simulating incentives manipulations (which have both have already been designed). Once those are done, Hathor will post the initial proposal/discussion for the new incentives model on Commonwealth.

Incentives Optimization - Infrastructure

Chaos Labs is collaborating with Hathor Nodes on implementing the logic for the new liquidity incentives recommendation logic, and generating the data and APIs needed to calculate them. In parallel, the team is working on two new publicly accessible dashboards, which will be used to share the incentives recommendations with the community and for each liquidity provider to monitor their projected APR change ahead of any incentives update. Check out their recent blog post which includes more detailed updates, and some previews of the dashboards' UI. 

Zodiac Protocol

The Zodiac team is currently working to complete their governance contracts, refine the frontend of the web app, and establish a legal entity. They are still blocked on TokenFactory hooks on Osmosis. Assuming Tokenfactory hooks are released in December 2022 or January 2023, Zodiac expects to launch on mainnet in Q1 2023.


CronCat is very close to finishing their project! They will send over materials to the grants team for review this week. Once everything looks good, they will be ready to deploy on mainnet and receive their second milestone payment, pending a successful audit.


The Phase team is currently developing the final pieces of the app, such as making Phase extendable to use CronCat. They are blocked on CronCat's mainnet deployment in order to be feature complete and ready for deployment. The team is also working on making Phase interoperable with the Apollo Router, which is also yet to be audited and deployed on mainnet. 

Leap Wallet

In the last six months, the Leap team has completed most of the core wallet features for Osmosis, which include their browser extension, mobile app, and dashboard. They are working hard to ship the last key feature: integrating the Osmosis DEX inside the wallet, which will take around two weeks to complete.  

Tax Software - Osmosis Implementation

Defiant Labs has a working release indexer/searcher for cosmos-tax-cli. They've also added support for the Osmosis GAMM Module to their tool. They're currently in the quality control phase of indexing an Osmosis node, and verifying the tax data is reasonably represented in both Accointing and Koinly. Once they've ironed out bugs they will share a link on how to use the tool in time for your 2022 taxes!

Augmentation of Data + Historical Charts

The Map of Zones team has prepared the data for the backend of the new page design which will include all the new features in the scope of the grant. The team has experienced some issues with public node limitations (DDoS filters, throughput, uptime), and is currently revising their approach to their architecture to improve backend scalability and transparency. They are also experiencing issues to obtain all new metrics for every Zone listed on Map of Zones. The team expects to complete the grant in around two months.

Mapping Full Nodes Around the World

So far, the team has shipped a functional UI with accurate node detection and localization. Though the backend still needs some improvement to make detection faster, it correctly displays the expected information. The team is currently stuck on reliably linking the node ID to each validator so they're investigating the best path forward. 


Cosmos-Rust-Bot has received bug fixes and architecture improvements. In the next few days, after fine tuning the fraud classification model, the Governance Proposals Notifications bot on Telegram (@CosmosRustBot) will have Fraud Detection, meaning that suspicious proposals will receive a warning sign. Next up is the automatic proposal summary generation, which will make it easier to follow what's going on with governance, especially for users who'd like to follow multiple cosmos chains.

Strike Wallet

The Strike Wallet team has been conducting product research across the Cosmos ecosystem in order to inform their build and maximize the value-add of their product. Though the team has started smart contract development for their Osmosis deployment, the member of their team who was working on it has left the company. They are now looking for a replacement. If you're interested in joining their team, contact them on Telegram.


The team has completed the educational videos for Laika, and are refining it before public release. The integration with Beaker is also being worked on, and will take the team one to two weeks to complete.


Runtime Monitoring Toolkit

The Scanworks team has released their runtime monitoring toolkit, Range, which is currently in private beta. They are inviting new users to try out the product on a rolling basis and are gathering user feedback for bug fixes and product improvements. You can request beta access here. The product will be released to the public once all bugs have been identified and fixed, which will be sometime over the next couple of weeks. They will receive both of their milestone payments as soon as the new OGP multi-sigs have been set up.

Node Services

All That Node has offered a number of Osmosis node services over the past six months, including RPC and Archive Nodes, Snapshot, and StateSync. Even though the six month period in the scope of the grant is now over, they have kept offering the services as they're being used by a number of grantees and other Osmosis projects. All That Node will receive their completion payment soon. The grants team is also considering awarding them an additional grant to run these services for an additional six to twelve months. 


Osmosis Simulator

The Battlebrains team has informed us that they will be shutting down due to the current market conditions. So far, they have only received their initial payment of $5k in OSMO, which they have committed to return to the OGP multi-sig since they won't be able to fulfill their commitment. 

Portfolio Analytics & Yield Discovery

We have reached out multiple times to Optical Finance for updates, but the team hasn't responded in many months. Therefore, we assume the team has stopped working on their project. Optical Finance has only received their initial payment of $3.5k USDC so far, and will not receive any additional payments.

Since we expect more grants to be discontinued in the coming months due to current market conditions and other factors, we will have a section on our website soon to help the community keep track of grants that are not being worked on anymore.

Current State of the OGP 

There have been no changes to the current state of the OGP since our previous transparency report.

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