Testnet / Mainnet Price Parity
in progress

Defiant Labs is tasked with ensuring that the liquidity pool spot prices on the official Osmosis testnet match the prices of the corresponding liquidity pools on Osmosis mainnet. The arbitrage software will establish the market price of any given token pair (e.g. OSMO/JUNO) on the Osmosis mainnet and force the testnet spot price(s) to match that price. Defiant has committed to run the off-chain arbitrage software for 1 year and maintain it for 3 years. Milestone 1 = faucet module; Milestone 2 = open-source off-chain arbitrage software; Milestone 3 = to host the software for 1 year to match testnet and mainnet prices, and to support/maintain the software as needed for 3 years.


Testnet/mainnet price parity will make it far easier for other projects/testers to develop against Osmosis in the future, as testing on testnet will become much more accurate. This will encourage testing against the testnet instead of mainnet, and reduce the risk of things going wrong for mainnet deployments. Defiant Labs is a repeat grantee who has already built a number of tools for the Cosmos ecosystem.

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Funding Amount

50,000 USDC

Payment Structuree

20% upfront / 20% for Milestone 1 / 30% for Milestone 2 / 30% for Milestone 3


6 months for M1 and M2


Defiant Labs