Tenderduty V2 Validator Monitoring Tool
in progress

To add some of the requested features to TenderDuty by fully rewriting the existing tool. New features will include: the ability to monitor multiple chains using a single instance; differentiation between types of missed blocks (e.g. where a pre-commit was seen but not included will be handled differently than a signature that was missing entirely); ability to alert on percentage of missed blocks over time, not only consecutive misses; a visual dashboard that displays missed blocks as a heat map over time (expanding on ping.pub’s uptime visualization); allow more flexible notification options: Telegram and Discord, and different severities for PagerDuty; a Prometheus exporter to allow visualization in tools like Grafana; alerts for nodes being down or lagging the chain’s head.


Tenderduty is regarded by many validators as an essential monitoring tool. These new enhancements will make it significantly more useful for validators.

Funding Amount

10,000 USDC

Payment Structuree

Payment will not be initiated until the project is 100% complete


3-5 weeks


Block Pane, LLC