Tax Software - 2023 Infrastructure Hosting
in progress

To run all of the required infrastructure to host the tax software frontend and run the indexer for all of 2023, and to add support for the StableSwap, Concentrated Liqudity, and ProtoRev modules, which are not yet supported by their tax software. Each milestone will be paid out at the end of each quarter in 2023.


Defiant Labs has created an open source tool that anyone can run to create and provide tax data for Osmosis. However, running this tool is technical and expensive, and it doesn't currently support Osmosis’ new SDK modules. Having Defiant Labs run the infrastructure and host the frontend for a year will make it much easier for users to do their 2022 taxes just in time for tax season, and collect the necessary data for the 2023 tax cycle. The frontend link will be shared publicly as soon as Defiant is approved for a grant. Defiant Labs is a repeat grantee who has already built a number of tools for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Funding Amount

32,000 USDC

Payment Structuree

25% per quarter


1 year


Defiant Labs