Mesh Security Phase 1: Back-End Development
in progress

Confio will focus on protocol design and backend development. Initially, Confio will focus on refining and documenting the design and architecture, to enable all contributors to be effective and coordinate their work. Once the plan is clear, Confio will take responsibility for the development of all needed smart contracts (with some help from external contributors) as well as the custom SDK module(s) for proper interaction with staking on the remote chain. Phase 1 Milestones (Phase 1 refers to the first 3 months following the start of the project): Milestone 1 = Delivery of a detailed Mesh Security architecture document; Milestone 2 = Integration of the Mesh Security MVP into the Osmosis and Juno codebases and demonstrating functionality on a devnet.


Funding sources: $220k (70k USDC and $150k in OSMO) from the OGP, and $50k USDC from the Osmosis Foundation.

Funding Amount

$270,000 (OSMO + USDC)

Payment Structuree

28% for Milestone 1 / 28% for Milestone 2 / 44% split into three equal monthly payments


3 months