IBC Observability, Security, and Research
in progress

To build 1) public observability dashboards to monitor the real-time state of Osmosis pools and IBC flows, 2) a monitoring, alerting, and anomaly detection suite for Osmosis’ IBC rate limits, and 3) to perform research on IBC rate limits to improve and extend their functionality. Milestone 1 = at completion of the public observability dashboards; Milestone 2 = at completion of the monitoring suite for IBC rate limits; Milestone 3 = delivery of research report on IBC rate limits.


Real-time observability dashboards with metrics-based alerts and daily/weekly summary reports will help the Osmosis core team and community monitor the current state of Osmosis pools and IBC transactions. Range's monitoring suite and research on IBC rate limits will help the Osmosis community set parameters and have more data-driven and grounded discussions about the trade-offs between security and UX (liquidity and composability) of rate limits. After having received a grant from the OGP, the Range team has completed the inital version of their runtime monitoring toolkit, which is currently in private beta. In the past, the team has contributed to a number of DeFi protocols, audited CW projects with Oaks Security (e.g. Anchor, Mars, Sei), and have found and patched critical vulnerabilities in chains like Stargaze.

Funding Amount

$50,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

10% upfront / 30% for Milestone 1 / 20% for Milestone 2 / 40% for Milestone 3


6 months