Governance Module Improvements
in progress

To add optimistic and multiple-choice proposals to the Cosmos SDK governance module and include them in the next major release of the Cosmos SDK. Optimistic proposals are a proposal type that automatically passes unless vetoed by a specific threshold of voters. Multiple-choice proposals are a proposal type that instead of the usual yes/no answers can contain multiple answers. Milestone 1 = create ADR with final optimistic and multiple-choice proposal specs; Milestone 2 = development, review, and testing of optimistic proposals; Milestone 3 = development, review, and testing of multiple-choice proposals; Milestone 4 = once the features are developed, the SDK team will cherry-pick the exact features to the v0.50 SDK fork maintained by Osmosis so that Osmosis can support the new proposal types before the next major Cosmos SDK release; Milestone 5 = once frontend clients (Keplr, Mintscan) have integrated the new proposal types into their frontends.


While the scope of governance for Cosmos chains is far greater than that of smart contract applications in other ecosystems, the Cosmos SDK governance framework has fallen behind other ecosystems in terms of the amount of flexibility and proposal types that it can offer. Optimistic and multiple-choice proposals would greatly benefit Osmosis and other Cosmos chains by making governance more expressive and efficient. Binary Builders is the core maintainer and stewarding team of the Cosmos SDK.

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Funding Amount

$55,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

9% for milestone 1 / 32% for milestone 2 / 32% for milestone 3 / 18% for milestone 4 / 9% for milestone 5


3 months


Binary Builders