A Study of Threshold-Decrypted Mempools, MEV and Their Benefit to Users
in progress

To write a research report that will dig into the potential market impacts of implementing threshold-decrypted mempools. A section of the paper will be dedicated to connect some of their results to Osmosis.


Threshold decryption is one of the main items on the Osmosis roadmap, but there hasn't been a lot research to assess its market impact. This research will be very valuable for Osmosis as it will help Osmosis decide whether to implement threshold decryption, how to implement it, and better understand what the potential impact of it will be (both positive and negative). Antoine is the former Head of R&D at Clearmatics, and is educated in cryptography. He will write this research report in collaboration with Flashbots, the top MEV research and development organization working on Ethereum.

Funding Amount

$15,000 (in OSMO)

Payment Structuree

100% at completion


10 weeks


Antoine Rondelet