Stablecoin Diversification Plan Update


This post serves as an update on the OGP’s plans to diversify into stablecoins and the initial batch of payments.

As a reminder, for legal purposes the OGP cannot pay US-based grantees in OSMO tokens. Instead, they will receive stablecoins.

The OGP treasury currently consists solely of OSMO tokens.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on a partial diversification of the OGP treasury into stablecoins, to allow for payments to these US-based grantees. We anticipate this process to take another couple of weeks, and are prioritizing this.

To be fair to all grantees, we will only initiate the initial batch of payments to all grantees once the OGP has both OSMO and USDC.

We apologize for the delay in payments and hope this post answers any questions you may have. We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding as we continue to fully operationalize the OGP.

Over the coming weeks we will have more updates to share.

The Osmosis Grants Team

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