4/25/22 - Batch 1: Approved Grants

Since we first announced the launch of the OGP, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response, with 30+ applicants so far and many more every day. We’ve been conducting diligence and corresponding with the grantees, to ensure community members are rewarded for performing valuable work.

We are excited to announce the first batch of grants has been approved!

A total of seven grants have been approved so far, amounting to ~$105,000 in funding. See the table below for more details on the first batch of grants.

Importantly, if you’ve already submitted an application but haven’t been listed among this batch, it does not mean the application has been rejected. It just means we are still working through diligence on your project. If approved, it will be in the following batches.

Lastly, we are currently working on getting payments to grantees. Since this is the first batch, it may take a few weeks. Additionally, we are restricted to paying US-based grantees in stablecoins due to risks around giving OSMO to US token holders. Getting stablecoins up and running and initiating payments will take a few weeks.

We look forward to reviewing the next batch of applications in the coming weeks. You can apply at any time by filling out this application form. Let's keep the momentum going!

Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantCategoryGrant SizeDescription
Grafana Analytics
Obi One
Upfront: 3,000 OSMO Total: 3,000 OSMO
Retroactive grant for the creation of two dashboards: 1. https://monitor.bronbro.io/ 2. https://monitor.bronbro.io/d/osmo-graph/ These dashboards have been valuable for the community, so the author should be rewarded appropriately, and incentivized to maintain them.
Discord Bots
Obi One
Upfront: 1,000 OSMO Total: 1,000 OSMO
Retroactive grant for the creation of three Osmosis Discord bots: Ticker Bot, Price Bot, Stats Bot. These Discord bots have been valuable for the community, so the author should be rewarded appropriately.
Roger Hong
Upfront: $20,000 (in OSMO) Completion: $10,000 (in OSMO) Total: $30,000 (in OSMO)
Mostly a retroactive grant for the creation of stake.tax, with an additional incentive to support the maintenance of the Osmosis CSV through April 2023 (next tax season). A retroactive grant is appropriate here since Roger's great work helped us all get through the 2021 tax season! Roger will get an additional (completion) grant if he maintains his tax software throughout the next tax season.
Tax Software - Osmosis Implementation
Defiant Labs
Upfront: 5,000 USDC Completion: 20,000 USDC Total: 25,000 USDC
To add Osmosis specific capabilities to their open source tax software, which indexes the events of interest on the blockchain and allows for instantaneous searches/downloads of CSVs. This grant will fund an improved Osmosis-specific tax software which will make it easier and less time consuming for users to file for taxes.
Osmosis Docs - Turkish Translation
Armagan Can Ercan
Upfront: 70 OSMO Completion: 270 OSMO Total: 340 OSMO
Turkish translation of the full Osmosis documentation (https://docs.osmosis.zone/). This grant will make the Osmosis docs more accessible to the Turkish community, with the aim of onboarding new users.
Mapping Full Nodes Around the World
High Stakes Switzerland
Upfront: $10,000 (in OSMO) Completion: $20,000 (in OSMO) Total: $30,000 (in OSMO)
Generating a world map which displays the location of full nodes pertaining to Osmosis and other blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem, as well as key metrics to assess the performance of each node. This will allow the community and the core team to visualize the actual decentralization of the Osmosis chain and spot clusters that could put the chain in danger.